Friday, February 12, 2010

"In what ways do you think university students are uniquely capable to come up with new product or service ideas?"

This is the topic that we have to write on and post it in this blog for 4th week.
I personally think that university students are capable to come up with new product or services idea by operating a business that would much not only helping students in managing their daily lives in university but as well as generating income for their own future benefits.
University students might have been exposed to the culture inside the university that can give them ideas on what product that suitable to be sell inside university. The students also might face problems in their daily lives that give them ideas on what services that suitable to be operated in the university.
For example, there are students in some colleges, they might want to stay up in midnight in order to finish their assignments as well as their projects. So these students might face problems such as hard to find food at night and lack of junk food that can be eaten during midnight.
To overcome this, other students might come up with ideas of selling junk food in the midnight in order to help those student who face the problems of staying up on midnight.
Besides helping other students, by selling junk food, they might be able to generate income for their future use.

By this way, university students might be able to come up with ideas on new product and service ideas.

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