Friday, February 12, 2010

" if you were an investor, evaluating the organizational feasibility of a proposed venture, how would you evaluate passion?"

Organizational feasibility in entrepreneurship is very important as it is the beginning of a development of a venture between organizational in entrepreneurship.
Without feasibility, an organization will not be stable and will be facing lots of problems. Most product as well as services nowadays have very strong competition in the country as well as in the world.
The risk that must be taken in considerations of having a good business in the future is very important.

Passion is evaluated as if passion plays the main role in a business.
Without passion, a business would not be a reality. Besides that, a business would not be successful without passions inside the investor itself.
They will be very hard to be the source of fund of their fund. And this make the business will not be able to be operated smoothly.

Uniqueness of a business plays the main role in a business as well. This is said to be true as a business should be different from others in other to avoid a great competition inside a community.
The skills of managing the business also one of the evaluation of passion of a business. Skills will determine the successful of a business' management.

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