Sunday, April 11, 2010

Business Activity - Linux Seminar ;D

We started off our meetings due to the preparation for the seminar day on the 19th of March 2010. We have gathered for about 18 meetings before and after the Seminar day.
For the 1st meeting to the 12th meeting, we gathered and discussed about the preparation for the seminar day. We discussed and brainstormed ideas on the
preparation such as the letters to be sent to the administrative of UUM in order to get some approvals. Approvals that we have to get are such as approvals on the Seminar itself to be organized, approvals on the usage of the hall in the faculty, approvals on the certificates to be given to the participants and approvals on the poster to be posted in the colleges and faculty as well.
We also had discuss on the chosen lecturer and expert in Linux OS to share their experience and expose some knowledge with the participants about Linux OS. We had invited En.Amran bin Ahmad as the speaker on Linux OS on the seminar day and Ahmad Kastro as the expert that taught the participants on the installation of Linux OS.
We have prepared approval letters to get signed by admin in Information Technology building and our two runners which are Amir and Azwin, went up and down to get the approval.
after we got the approvals, we prepared ourselves on the Linux OS knowledge by attending tuition on Linux OS by Hafizh, one of our group members that expert in Linux OS. We learn how to install Linux OS and learn a bit on the usage of Linux OS in order to complete ourselves with Linux knowledge so that there will be NO problem occurs on the Seminar day.
During the preparation for the Seminar day, we discussed and plan on the side-business that related to Linux which is the design of Linux t-shirt. At the first place, we open up the order for the shirt order for the participants on the seminar day only. But then we decided to open up the order for students who wou
ld like to buy the shirt.

We then print out the design and published the advertisement about the shirt through Facebook and we manage to get many orders from the students and outsiders from UUM. We also manage to collect around 100 orders from the customer and we sent the design to be printed out.

The day before seminar day, we ordered breads and mineral water for our participants. There are about 50 participants of the seminar will be attending on the day. We also stay up til late night in the hall preparing the hall for the seminar day.The expert , Ahmad Kastro also did some rehearsal that night. We prepared booklets to be given to the participants beside a CD installer of Linux OS inside it.

On the seminar day, the day went smoothly like what we plan it to be.
We collaborate with Group 3, Fresh Fruit World , as they distributed fruits to our participants and we buy the fruits from them.

The seminar day was awesome! ;)Everything runs smoothly.
We manage to have the profits through the seminar and the shirt ;)
we then went to changlun to celebrate it :)
We had gathered and eat steamboat at Changlun :)

I love this class so much ! ;)
Thank you guys for the cooperation given and thank you Puan Rafidah for lecturing this class ;) and thank you to all my classmates in this class ;)

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