Monday, January 11, 2010

11/01/10 - Today , Puan Rafidah asked us to post a post in this blog and the question is ;

"Do you have what it takes to become successful entrepreneur?"

Firstly, entrepreneur gives the meaning of ;

entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. He or she is a leader who combines land, labor, and capital to often create and market new goods or services.

In my opinion, as me myself, i don't have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The main point of why i said so is that i don't like business as if i have to go face to face with people surround and sell things to them. I felt so shy and embarrassed to face people and communicate with them. From the meaning of entrepreneur itself, we can see that an entrepreneur got to have good idea and systematic idea on how to develop good business and get good market in the world and willing to face risks and the outcome. I do not have the ability to come out with good , systematic and unique idea in order to develop a good business.

Firstly, let me list out the characteristics that an entrepreneur should have:

Common Traits in a Successful Entrepreneur

1. Good health. Successful entrepreneurs must work long hours for extended periods of time. When they get sick, they recover quickly.

2. A Need to Control and Direct. They prefer environments where they have maximum authority and responsibility and do not work well in traditionally structured organizations. This is not about power, though. Entrepreneurs have a need to create and achieve by having control over events.

3. Self-confidence. Findings showed that as long as entrepreneurs were in control, they were relentless in pursuit of their goals. If they lost control, they quickly lost interest in the undertaking.

4. Sense of Urgency. They have a never-ending sense of urgency to do something. This corresponds with a high energy level. Many enjoy individual sports rather than team sports. Inactivity makes them impatient.

5. Comprehensive Awareness. They have a comprehensive awareness of a total situation and are aware of all the ramifications involved in a decision.

6. Realistic Outlook. There is a constant need to know the status of things. They may or may not be idealistic, but they are honest and straightforward and expect others to be the same.

7. Conceptual Ability. They have superior conceptual abilities. This helps entrepreneurs identify relationships in complex situations. Chaos does not bother them because they can conceptualize order. Problems are quickly identified and solutions offered. The drawback is that this may not translate well to interpersonal problems.

8. Low Need for Status. Their need for status is met through achievement not through material possessions.

9. Objective Approach. They take an objective approach to personal relationships and are more concerned with the performance and accomplishment of others than with feelings. They keep their distance psychologically and concentrate on the effectiveness of operations.

10. Emotional Stability. They have the stability to handle stress from business and from personal areas in their lives. Setbacks are seen as challenges and do not discourage them.

11. Attraction to Challenges. They are attracted to challenges but not to risks. It may look like they are taking high risks, but in actuality they have assessed the risks thoroughly.

12. Describing with Numbers. They can describe situations with numbers. They understand their financial position and can tell at any time how much they have in receivables and how much they owe.

So far, i do have good health but i would not say that i have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur as i am not good in controlling and directing and as an effect, i would not achieve or create something in entrepreneur. Besides, i do not have a good and high self-confidence like other people.

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